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    In January 2013, for First Class International Mail for the USP package, it will greatly increase its fees. In many cases, the price for international parcel shipping doubles. Although it seems very bad news for Amazon and eBay sellers, but there are some good news. Liteblue Login Yuesaesaesa officially the U.S. In the commercial beginning of a new international service called Eepet.

    Commercial EPKET is a USPS product which is the USS. Offer through approved pre-qualified bulk (PeakWW) services. This service is beneficial for many shipers which handle light, cheap goods overseas. Amazon and eBay vendors can now guarantee that they do not need labels for documents that are ready and exported from the US. The selected USPS PUQW will take care of all the necessary documents. In addition, all e-retailers can track these packages at USPS.com in 14 participating countries.

    Some of the key features of the commercial ipatec service are:

    Financial e-commerce mail production with tracking and confirmation of delivery

    Low cost lighting, <2 kg and <400 USD value

    Standard parcel will be sent as a post and the foreign main post office will be used.

    Transit time is 4-7 days

    Postal Customs Clearance (fees and taxes payable by the recipient)

    Free return of incredible items

    Tracking will be done directly at USPS.com

    14 participants country: Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain. Ireland, Finland, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

    90% delivery scan rate for all countries

    Approved by Yuesaesaesa approved PQW

    Induction sites are in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles

    USSSS scanned and scanned delivery by foreign mail

    Unique label and barcode ID - LX item prefix

    Electronic expression, pre-quality wholesaler and labeling in just the bag

    How does ePacate work?

    The consumer PACU will contact the USPS in their area and will talk to anyone about how to get started. Ideally, you want to choose a PQW in which cities have three capabilities for mailing capabilities. This is especially important in bad weather and natural disasters. P QW ensures that your mail, if a stop or departure departure, can be extended for another adoption center because we have seen it during the storm Sandy.

    PQW guides you through setting up your labels and data storage tasks. Once all the data collection work is done, send your shipment or PQW will send a vehicle to your location. Send each electronic mail with all the custom alerts for each mail you send and send it to each parcel.

    Once your parcel arrives in PQW, PUCWW will confirm that they have received your electronic expression for those specific shipment. If PQW does not receive your manifest, then it will not be able to process your email through the commercial ipatec service. After receiving your presence, electronic information will be uploaded on the USPS system and all the labels and required customs documents will be made. Parcel will be a real identity and it will be left on destination and USPS will be assigned to the designated International Service Center (ISC).

    After accepting the USPS ISSC, the bag will be opened and every parcel will be scanned as proof of shipment and it will be kept on the next available outbound flight for the destination country. After the flight arrives, the parcel is cleaned by customs customs clearance mechanism. Liteblue Login This ensures that your parcel passes quickly through the check-in process and is not affected by delay due to normal air flow handling system.

    Once released, the packet is inserted into the main network and priority is given within the target country. Customers can wait for their package to be assured that tracking information can be sent directly to the USPS, will be displayed on the website. This feature eliminates many customer service calls that many Amazon and eBay vendors receive from their customers on a daily basis.

    Once the parcel passes through the country's postal system, the parcel will be scanned after delivery by the postman. After the USPS, the scan event has been uploaded to the site and it is available for all those who want to monitor the progress of each shipment.

    According to my first conclusion, this service is the best offer for companies who send 100 or more parcels every day. However, some customers who take less than 100 parcels per day can also benefit from this service if they unify the order one or two days before shipment. Obviously, each customer has its own specialties which can be affected when service like commercial ipac is beneficial. Liteblue However, depending on how far you are from JFK International Airport, every international airport or Los Angeles International Airport, you can use the service on a daily basis, even if you have less than 100 daily packages. For service related details, I now have a UPS For peacock will be contacted.